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PBTOOLS for PowerBuilder

PBTools is a free PowerBuilder Application that provides some useful tools for PowerBuilder from version 5 to 12.6. After installing PBTools from pbtools_setup.exe, you will see new icons on the PowerBuilder toolbar. Toolbar icons must be selected from PowerBuilder collection, so unfortunately I cannot use my icons.

Grid Datawindow : You can change the color and shape of grid datawindows in your project with single click. I provide 34 different colors. You can add more color by adding new sample datawindows into the library gridcolors.pbl.

Compare Object : You can compare two libraries or projects to see if they have the same object or not. If two libraries have the same object, source code will be compared.

Find Double Object: You can find double objects in your project.

Dynamic Script: You can run PowerBuilder scripts for all datawindows. For example you can change the edit style of all columns at the same time.

Global Replace: You can replace any word in your project. PBTools can export the modified objects or replace the library.

Object Find: You can find any object in your project without writing the whole object name.

Unused Object Find : You can find unused objects in your project.

Unused Variable Find: You can find how many variables you declared but not used.

Api Help : A useful help for windows api.

PBComment : You can paste automatic comment to the events or functions. It is originally developed by RC SIZER and I implemented it to the PBTools with interface.

LibraryAnalyze: PBTools can analyze libraries or projects, extract all SQL queries and calculate database permissions.

Synchronizer: You can copy files to a location by one click and then run an executable file. This application can copy, delete, backup with date and time, compress and decompress zip files. Zip capability was written by RSmith.
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